Here is a small collection of maps which I find interesting. Please comment on them if you wish, or contact me to suggest more maps.


Bedolina petroglyph

the Bedolina Petroglyph (click on the image to enlarge)

This could well be the oldest map in the world. The image above is a record of the original 9 x 4 metre map, which was carved in to sandstone bedrock high up in the Italian alps during the Bronze and Iron ages. At first it was thought to be a map of the valley below, but now scholars think it is an idealised, part-imagined and abstract version of the landscape.




the Mappa Mundi, Hereford Cathedral (click to enlarge)


section of Mappa Mundi showing the British Isles

I carry a postcard of this map around with me in the back pocket of my diary, and have done since I saw it in Hereford cathedral about six years ago. I find it astonishing and very moving, perhaps because of the ambition of the map-maker, Richard of Haldingham, in setting out to make a map of the whole world in around the year 1300. It is in ink on calfskin, has Jerusalem at its centre and includes drawings of events from history, the Bible and classical mythology. Mappa Mundi means ‘cloth of the world’. Again, its not a literal map. Explore it in detail here.


StockportEmotionMap(click link for full size map)

This map was made by people from Stockport working with artist Christian Nold. If you look at the full size map you can read all about how people drew responses to their town, and Nold collaged their pictures and words in to the form of a map. By permission of the artist.


Several parishes around the UK have made Parish Maps – take a look at some lovely ones here. They are all very different. The one above is reproduced by permission of Burton-in-Kendal parish council.

winnie the pooh map

Ernest Shepard’s map for the fly leaf of Winnie the Pooh, 1926. Beautiful and evocative; possibly the map that made me love maps.

The HS2 proposed alignment map which first interested me in Ashley is here: Route section HSM28 plan and profile sheet 4 of 9 ASHLEY.

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