?         Roman activity near Ashley Hall

1492   Ashley Hall built

?         Tithe Barn built

1838   Tithe map made (see map here)

1841   Lord Egerton buys the estate

1858   Ashley post office opens

1862   the Cheshire Midland Railway is opened between Altrincham and Knutsford

1880    St Elizabeth’s Church built

1888    Ashley Cricket Club founded by Mr Hall

1932   First meeting of the Ashley Women’s Institute is held by Mrs Clegg at Arden House

1938   ‘Ringway’ airport opens 25th June

1930s Outdoor swimming pools in use at Castle Mill, up to 1950s (see photo)

1955   First Rose Queen

1971   M56 built

2001  second runway opens

2004  school closes

2008   post office closes

This timeline is a work in progress, please leave a comment below if you think I need to make a change.

If you have any dates to add, I would also be very pleased to hear from you.

Thanks, Jo

2 thoughts on “Ashley – a timeline

  1. 1927 – several Tatton Estate houses / buildings sold to pay off a gambling debt racked-up by Lord Egerton.

    196? – the layout of the village crossroads was changed and houses demolished.

    2014 – new airport traffic control tower relocated / built..changing the skyline of the village.


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